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20.8.2016 DUODANUBE Bratislava, SK Vanža Sergej, SK open excellent 1 CAC
02.07.2016 CAC Veľká Ida, SK Vanža Sergej, SK open excellent 3 /5
25.04.2015 XIV. Club Show Mochovce, SK Goncharuk Olga, UA open  excellent /16
20.9.2014 XIX. Club Show Mochovce, SK Ovsaynnikova Yulia,  RUS  open   excellent 4 /13
13.9.2014 CAC Lučenec. SK Kadlecaj Milan, SK open excellent 2, res. CAC /2
19.04.2014 XIII. SEVK SKÁaRO Mochovce, SK  Shvets Irina, RUS open  excellent 4 / 20
30.03.2014 DUO CACIB Nitra, SK Kadlecaj Milan, SK open excellent 2, res.CAC /3
 29.03.2014 DUO CACIB Nitra, SK  Cekic Ratibor, SRB  open very good 2 /2 
19.01.2014 Wintershow CACIB Trenčín, SK Zamoyski Andrzej, PL open excellent 4 /6 
01.12.2013 DUO CACIB Nitra, SK
Zake Ligita, LTV intermediate excellent 3 /3
 30.11.2013 DUO CACIB Nitra, SK  Simić Polina, SRB  intermediate  excellent 2, res.CAC /3
21.9.2013 XVIII. KV SKÁaRO Mochovce, SK Belkina Elena, RUS intermediate  excellent 3 /14
15.9.2013 DUO CAC Lučenec, SK Staviarska Viera, SK open

excellent 1 CAC,

Winner of Slovakia 2013

18.8.2013 DUODANUBE Bratislava, SK Hartmann György,H intermediate excellent 2, res.CAC /2
6.7.2013 CACIB Veľká Ida, SK Rusinowska Anna, PL intermediate excellent 4 /6
30.6.2013 CAC Ustron, PL Piotr Bachurzewski, PL intermediate excellent 2 /2
2.6.2013 DWS - CACIB Nitra, SK Kupriyanova Šinko Olga, SLO intermediate excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB /2
20.4.2013 SEKV SKÁaRO, Mochovce, SK Sidarikova Ljudmila, RU junior excellent 3 /17
7.4.2013 CAC Zabrze, PL Waldemar Mrowiec, PL junior excellent 2 /2
16.3.2013 CACIB Katowice, PL Krystyna Opara, PL junior excellent 3 /5


DUO CACIB Nitra, SK Djordje Ratkov, SRB junior excellent 4 /4


DUO CACIB Nitra, SK Danijel Boroš Djevi, SRB junior excellent 3 /4
27.1.2013 CACIB Trenčín, SK

Matyáš Jaroslav, SK

junior excellent 4 /6
2.12.2012 CACIB Nitra, SK Gabriela Ridarčíková, SK junior excellent 3 /4


CACIB Nitra, SK Csaba Zsolt Lokordi, RO junior excellent 3 /5


CACIB Kielce, PL Elzbieta Chwalibóg, PL junior excellent 1, Best Junior /4


Club show SKÁaRO Mochovce, SK Simič Polina, SRB junior excellent 1, CAJC,
Club Junior Winner 

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CACIB Trenčín, SR - 19.1.2014

judge: Zamoyski Andrzej /PL/

lightweight, tall, well proportioned, nice head, good back, good front, good angulation and movement

(Excellent 4 /6)


CACIB Nitra, SR - 2.6.2013

judge: Olga Kupriyanova Šinko /SLO/

excellent proportions, excellent of bones, excellent head, excellent chest, very nice movement

(Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB /2)


CACIB Katowice, PL - 16.3.2013

judge: Krystyna OPARA /PL/

dog still in development, good dimensions of skull, correct bite, correct top and bottom line, a little soft wrists, efficient good movement, big potential

(Excellent 3 /5)


DUOCACIB Nitra, SR - 23.2.2013

judge:Djevi Boroš Danijel /SRB/

14 months, good size, young male, excellent teeth, very good head, strong body, good topline, very good lower line, good chest and forechest, good angulation and movement

(Excellent 3 /4)


DUOCACIB Nitra, SR - 2.12.2012
judge: Ridarčíková Gabriela /SR/
Dog with excellent solid skeleton, with a very nice head, correct topline, slightly sloping lower back, good chest, good angulation, excellent movement
(Excellent 3 /4)

Club show SKÁaRO, Mochovce, SR - 22.9.2012
judge: Simič Polina /SRB/
teeth complete, reasonably sized, correct typical head, dark eyes, ears properly constructed, enough developed neck, correct deep chest, shoulders and scapula with good angulation 
Excellent 1 CAJC, Club Junior Winner /17 )