About us

History of our kennel
Kennel "Podstránie" founded in 1994, is devoted to the breeding of dogs, breed Central Asian Sheperd dog
and since 2007 Chihuahua breed.

bona3 Our first female of breed SAO was Jola Ružová cesta alias Bona which bred three litters of puppies.
From "A" litter we kept female Alba, which bred two litters, and stud dog Achát.
The "B" litter we kept female Beta, which bred one litter. 


alba achat1 vrh_e2  
Alba Achát Beta  

During 2003 we brought to the kennel dogs Ch.RUS, SR Chainar iz Russkoi legendy, JCh., Ch. SR Altay iz Evdokimovoi storozhki and females Farida, Nurza and Urča Ak Nukker from Russia.
Dog Shah Fanatic was brought from Poland. At the beginning of 2004 very promising female Yulduz iz Evdokimoivoi storozhki was brought.

chainar _14_ 5 shah _2_
Chainar Altay Shah


farida _3_ nurza _1_ urca _3_
Farida Nurza Urča


yulduz _8_


Later, females Nurza, Urča and Yulduz and male Shah helped to found the breed in Bulgaria.
Altay and Chainar were bred as the stud dogs.
 In 2007 we decided to obstain to our house a pet dog - female of chihuahua Tesa Srdce Evropy (Aisha) which bred a dog Isaac.


In April 2009 female Esia Zlatá louka, which we managed to aprove to breed in 2011, found home at our kennel, and she bred "J" litter. We decided to let from that litter female Julduz in our kennel.
Unfortunately Esia succumbed to a sudden illness in march 2012.
In April 2012 we brought to the kennel very nice puppy - male Ramenskiy Grizli Dovlet from Russia.
Esia´s daughter Julduz and small Dovlet are very promising young dogs, which we plan to participate in the breeding with.